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Justin Brock has took the health & Medicare insurance industry by storm over the last 5 years and has become a pivotal icon that's bringing distant factions of the health insurance market together. He continues to advance the conversation towards the metaphorical "End Zone" by creating content and training courses that have elevated the practice of THOUSANDS of health insurance agents across the country.

Who I Am

Justin Brock is the Medicare Guru. He founded the Medicare Gurus Facebook page which is now over 4,000 members. Justin is a contributing member of the Forbes Expert Council on health insurance and Medicare and serves as an advisory board member for Manhattan Life Insurance Company.

Most notably, Justin is the COO of Safe Harbor Insurance which owns and operates Bobby Brock Insurance. 

What I do

Justin set out to be a successful health insurance agent with the goal to help as many clients as he possibly could. After building a successful local agency he noticed a need for training in an underserved niche of health insurance agents. Over the last 4 years he has continued to develop innovative marketing ideas and tactics further increasing his personal success as well as the success of health insurance agents nationwide by providing training courses dedicated to growth and success of independent agents.


Justin has won multiple carrier awards year after year for the last 5 years, all for personal production. In addition to production awards, Justin has been featured in many insurance related spot lights. He also as a seat on the advisor council for multiple insurance carriers. 


Justin Brock didn't start out in the industry focused on agent training courses. He started out right in the middle of the grind chasing down leads as a highway warrior, but the attitude he took to that approach was that it was a necessary evil and a means to an end. Quickly he started researching scaling approaches and found that the internet was the great equalizer. If you could just figure out how to harness the power of the World Wide Web, you could have just as much power as the "powers that be". So, contrary to advice, popular opinion, and the status quo, he set out on a mission to get prospects that wanted to be quoted, educated and enrolled! After about two years of courses, events, trial and error and a bottomless pit of money being spent, the code was cracked. The things that others understand can sometimes be the only barrier between you and your goals. That's why Justin decided to create content that taught other people in the industry to approach things the right way from the start. These courses were the first big success and has helped hundreds of agents already streamline their prospecting.



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Justin Brock has taken agents across the country to the next level by creating valuable resources for the independent health insurance agent

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Leads by Guru Marketing

Agents getting started in the Medicare world need people to talk to. If you’re ever going to make it to the point that you’re practice is thriving on referrals, word of mouth, etc you have to first get in front of people and show them you can help them! These are some of the best Medigap to Medigap telemarketing leads we have found.

Medicare Gurus Mastermind

This is the very first Medicare Gurus Mastermind course giving you the first chance to sit down with people who have proof of concept and willing to share their marketing strategies, office structure and exactly how you can replicate this process.

Join Medicare Monsters

Medicare Bob and the Medicare Guru have teamed up to offer you access to a private group hosting live training sessions every week giving ongoing training to master your phone skills. All insurance can all be sold BY PHONE!

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